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We are accredited migration agents covering countries with proper migration laws and regulations.

Costs for visa and migration fees can range from $6,000 to $350,000 HKD depending on the work involved. So there is a fee set for evey individual that matches their family needs.

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Canada, Australian, New Zealand, Portugal, Taiwan and the new 英國技術移民 scheme starting from 1st Jan 2021 all run programmes that allow spouse and dependents to apply along with the main applicant.

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PR & Migration Visa

We provide the latest visa information and processing services for investment, skilled and family visas to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Taiwan. We are also working on the upcoming UK immigration program.

99% of your immigration questions answered in person. We also provide WhatsApp 24 hour texting.

Nothing, just a valid visa. All types residence permits are merely valid visas.

For Australian migration law, the accreditated Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA) registers all practitioners who can legally represent clients. In Canada, New Zealand and the UK also accreditate advisors. Speak directly to one of our accreditated advisors today.

An authorized representative will ensure your visa application is right for your and your family's needs.

Investment and Working Visas

A valid employer who has an SBS. Contact us to find out more.

Unfortunately no, each countries visa processing laws are strictly enforced and independent. However we know how to address challenges like are adult children able to apply with me, are unmarried couples applicable etc.

You will need to know all the risks that apply to you for your visa application. Contact us for more information.

54 days to 23 months depending on the visa. Contact us for more information.

Next Steps

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Australian migration laws get delivered every 1st July. This 1st July 2021 will be a significant date.

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No, even with major diseases, that is not a preventive action for applicants.

For major immigration countries, they usually do visa applications online now. For example, Australia's system is https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/.

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In the local currency, payment's can be made by credit card, bank transfer etc.

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Most countries do not allow a re-assessment of the application. So the initial application is very important to get right. Even investment visas require well prepared applications.

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